To rant or not to rant that is the question…

rant: late 16th century (in the sense ‘behave in a boisterous way’): from Dutch ranten ‘talk nonsense, rave.’

I have not ever considered myself a “ranter” but as I find myself entering a new phase in life and career, some bit of passion has started to boil up that has been held in check by having a steady job, a healthy family, and kids locally in elementary and high school.

This “passion” needs some focus so I am going to be using this macfervor blog as an outlet (lucky you!) for the rants I feel bubbling inside. As a rule I am going to try not use this as a place to whine but as a place to vent and come up with some internal solutions. I will try to make this about me, but I guessing that there will be some shrapnel in the process and well – shit happens.

Topics worth ranting about..

Fair warning on the upcoming rants that I am sure you will see fill these posts:

  • Kids in college
  • Aging parents
  • Job Search
  • Software Product Management related topics
  • Apple
  • Getting older
  • Family