Interviews but still no love…

I just re-read through my last post about being the oldest guy in the room and it is really hitting me hard today. I just got my latest “sorry but it doesn’t seem like your a fit email” and I am feeling a little lost.

So here I am banging on the keyboard trying to clear my head and decide what next.

I have one more company who is interested in me and I have some homework to do in order to get to the next phase of interviews so I will work on that today with the hope if I do something unusual here I might getĀ their attentionĀ (stay tuned I will be posting my results here on my blog).

Thankfully I have two contracting gigs that should also occupy a lot of my time this month so that should be able to extend our ability to survive a few more months.

I will continue to submit online applications and hopefully more opportunities will come in but I am beginning to think that I should take one of my product ideas and flush it out as far as I can without adding any additional financial strain to my household. At least that is laying the framework of possibly starting a new company with my own product as a basis.

The question that keeps coming back to me is, “am I presenting to old” for the positions I am applying to. One of my good friends made the decision to shave off his beard and to dye his hair when he went on his last job search and he was seemingly successful. The men in my family tend to bald and gray early (thank god I still have a full head of hair). Maybe I need a little touch up to make my hair darker?

Sigh I just want to be me!